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Static Web Design

A static page (once in a while called a level page/stationary page) is a website page that is conveyed to the client precisely as put away, as opposed to element pages which are produced by a web application. Subsequently a static website page shows the same data for all clients, from all settings, subject to cutting edge capacities of a web server to arrange substance sort or dialect of the report where such forms are accessible and the server is arranged to do as such.

Static site pages are regularly HTML reports put away as records in the document framework and made accessible by the web server over HTTP (by the by URLs finishing with ".html" are not generally static). Nonetheless, detached translations of the term could incorporate site pages put away in a database, and could even incorporate pages arranged utilizing a layout and served through an application server, the length of the page served is perpetual and exhibited basically as put away. Static pages are suitable for the substance that never or seldom need to be overhauled. On the other hand, keeping up expansive quantities of static pages as documents can be unrealistic without robotized apparatuses. Any personalization or intuitiveness needs to run customer side, which is limiting

Static website design


  • Obliges web advancement xpertisetoupdate website.
  • Site not as helpful for the client
  • Substance can get stagnant
  • Extravagant to redesign
  • you as a site manager can not include any substance without knowing HTML and CSS.


  • Speedy to create.
  • Modest to host
  • Lower once-off expense.
  • Speedier stacking than element destinations.
  • Less expensive facilitating needed than element destinations.

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